It is thanks to Mayan legacy that in this era that we all transit we can remember the Universal Synchronicity Factor which teaches us the natural time order : time= 4rth dimension.
Due to deviation and events that took place along different stages of human history, the misconception of a linear view of time (Past – Present – Future) took possession of our mind. We are always thinking about what will happen tomorrow in relation to what we lived yesterday and we unconsciously chain our mind to this sequence without living and understanding the Here And Now. OUR PRESENT TIME.

The aim herewith proposed is to go step by step to remember, learn and reset in ourselves the synchronicity, returning to the natural time and understanding us as part of the whole.

To accept going pace by pace enjoying every moment is an important part of this transit. To Read, Understand and Conclude is the suggestion to begin here and now this journey. Welcome ! ! ! ! ! !

Buluk Lamat
Kin 128 JLC

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