Step f

In stones, the Maya left written behind a perfect synchronization system and it seems important that we understand the reason for it.

...Let us imagine the solar system as a beautiful and huge musical instrument, where each planet, satellite, asteroid, big and small beings, ALL of us, contribute and generate resonance and tuning.
Let us suppose also that inside this Great Musical Instrument there is a sector...a planet, which is out of tune, wrongly calibrated, and unsynchronized, making everything become tense, dissonant and unnatural...

And if these were not mere suppositions?
Each of our cells is so small compared with the dimensions of our body; just as our body is so small compared to our planet, and our planet compared to our solar system and so on. But cells have life and also do we...And so we reach a great Teaching: become aware that the planet we inhabit and which lodges us is Completely Alive and is a Conscious Being!!!

Perhaps the cells think we are not alive?
The same way each cell lives in us, we live in the planet and it us who contribute consciousness. The sum of each one of our minds forms the great planetary mind. Knowing this is key to assimilate and understand that we are part of Totality and Everything that happens depends on Each of us. Yes, All.

The science of totality is called HOLONOMIC.
In order for us to tune in and resonate with the Universe it is essential to help tune our planet. The way to do it is resonating and synchronizing our own lives, using a trite phrase in the new tendencies: "Returning to nature, learning to LIVE in the Present."

Simultaneity, attention and impeccability are indispensable grounds. Our Will is our best motor.

We have accessed , here and now, our first step towards the core of No Time.


In lakech (I am another you)
Buluk Lamat
Kin 128