Peldaños Recorridos del 1º Ciclo

Hi everybody ! Thanks for the patience to whom made questions and waited for their answer until I was back and to whom anxiously expect go on the steps.
Before going forward, lets resume what we have seen until now, using questions that I have received (questions that can be read in the ‘questions and answers’ section).

I am particularly interested in going deeper about the usefulness of our travel. I have been asked, and I know, that the material decoded by Jose Arguelles is seen as dark and hard ; so Lets go !.
Over the individuals who transmit messages to humanity, over any initiate who becomes a channel and decodes, over the human beings that we all are, there exists a knowledge, an unknown wonder and something profound to be done.

It is very important to learn to dis-personalize and do it.
How ?
First, learning the seals and tones, knowing the seals and tones with whom we share our everyday life ; which energies gave me origin and to my parents, etc... In such way I began to be in this harmonic frequency of synchronization.
What for ?
Very simple : for instance, if my mother is blue planetary monkey, not only see her in her maternal function but see what her energy teaches . See that monkey, understanding it. You may ask : if it is bad ? If I am not loved ? If she is very protective towards me ? if..... if..... if..... ?

This dis -personalizing provides the advantage that every situation related to beings, situations of fondness and egos, starts to fall down. We may understand why some terrible event occur in our lives or why we are close to that “wrong person”.
But still there is something better, much more, being conscious of these energies we break free. Decoding and understanding, we are more and more free, feel free of fondness and cheap sentimentalism.
The exercise to practice is to be present, conscious in every situation, if while I am walking a leaf falls down or a heavy sound frightens me, pay attention to the thought that arise in the mind and why such things happen.

Being aware of simultaneity and wonders around us, the chances. In our everyday life we overlook most of it, thinking that only with great effort you achieve your aims. This is not but another programme of this terrible device called gregorian calendar, connected to religions supported in guilty and effort.
We are at the beginning of this trip, once you nurture with every step, and learn to use the galactic compass, the harmonic index, the Tzolkin, you will perceive great changes and probably will understand what seems hard or difficult. Accept to go step by step, it is not my aim to defend no one, just to transmit and give what I have for which wants to receive it.


He have already seen the 20 solar seals, the races and families and their colors and function. I hope you still take your time to draw and colour the seals, I know that if you do you will understand not through the reason but in a much pleasant way.

Today we will follow with the 13 tones of creation ; the lunar tones. The name tone is due to they are vibration just like music, the tones vibrate in our bodies in the 13 major joints.
They are associated to our way of acting and being in contact to our universe. We can understand that the 20 solar seals inform about what we are to do, and the lunar tones how reach it. Besides, each tone contains a question according to their function.

Tono = Hun – Magnetic - Which is my aim ?
Tono = Ka – Lunar - Which are my obstacles ?
Tono = Ox – Electric - How can I reach my aim ?
Tono = Kan – Self existing -Which is the way of acting ?
Tono = Ho – Overtone -How do I gather the resources ?
Tono = Uak – Rhythmic -How do I equilibrate and organize ?
Tono = Uuk – Resonant -How do I syntonize ?
Tono = Uaxak – Galactic -Do I live what I do believe ?
Tono = Bolon – Solar -How do I achieve my target ?
Tono = Lahum – Planetary -How do I improve what I do ?
Tono = Buluk – Spectral -How do I free myself ?
Tono = Lahak – Crystal -How do I cooperate to the Universe ?
Tono = Oxlahun – Cósmico -How do I expand and transcend my being ?

It is very important that every one know its seal and tone and name its colour, also its important to know within which of the 13 tones are. Each group of 13 tones is called wave spell.

For example : An individual White Rhythmic Mirror is tone 6, so looking back has in its tone 5 the Earth, in the tone 4 the Warrior, in the tone 3 the Eagle, in the tone 2 the Wizard and in the tone 1 the Sky Walker; always is the tone 1 who carries the spellwave.

There exist 20 spellwave, divided into five groups of four that conform the named Castles.

Every Castles is a Spin of 52 Kines (13 x 4 = 52)

The Castles follow the Colour Chromatic and are :

Red Castle , Direction East. Of spinning.
White Castle , Direction North. Of crossing
Blue Castle , Direction West. Of Burning
Yellow Castle , Direction South . Of giving
Castle Green , Central. Of enchanting

It is important to undestand that the location of a kin in a particular Castle depends on which spellwave is.

The wavespell is the unit of time of the 4th dimension. Trying to undestand it breakint it into parts is impossible, since is a unity, just like we are, and as any kin in this universe. Later we’ll see that we also have a wave pulse or pulsars.... but in the following steps. Lets go back to the tones.

Each kin , because its tone, vibres, according to the tone name, the encoding or their location in the wavespell

  • The magnetic ones must work on their environment sphere, they attract. Identify the aim of the 12 following tones. Right ankle.
  • The lunar ones, identify the obstacles, the polarities, be careful not to go from one extreme to another. Right knee.
  • The electric ones shows the way of going through the obstacles, the service. Right hip.
  • The self existing define shape and decisions making. Right wrist.
  • The overtone must take the power without autoritarism. Right elbow
  • The ritmics, to reach the equilibrium without fondness. Right shoulder.
  • The resonant must synchronize and communicate. Larynge
  • The galactic model the shape and define the integrity as kin. Left shoulder.
  • The solars, pulse the purpose, stop the mind and flow with will. Left elbow.
  • The planetary produce and extend the production through the unconditional love. Left wrist.
  • The spectral free revealing, transport and release. Left hip.
  • The crystal cooperate, influenciate and help. Left knee.
  • The cosmic, will registrate the journey made and at the same time are the path back to a knew aim. Transcent. Left ankle.

About all written above, there is plenty of material that you will find in the net and book to make wider your knowledge. Find them and enjoy doing it. See who do you know in your wavespell, with who you have good relationship or not. Identify the reasons and forget the egos. .
Accept the challenge of making your poem First of all, draw you wavespell, you will be in one of the 13 steps according to your tone. Start for the tone 1 to write about the propose by seal, then the challenges and so on. Try, do not think, flow in your wavespell. No one can makes us bad or fine, we are just mirrors. Lets accept what we see in other with the deepest love.

In Lake´ch
Buluk Lamat
Kin 128

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