Peldaños Recorridos del 1º Ciclo

I hope that after drawing, couloring and allowing yourselves to feel much more than mind accepts, you are ready to continue going up.

Because of their wide knowledge and observation of the natural cycles, who created the perfect 13 moon calendar, handle more that 17 different synchronized ways to read the timing frequency. They also knew what nowadays are called cardinal points. They where code by color including the basal human races.

Raza Roja: Representa el este
Raza Blanca: Representa al norte
Black race : Represents west (we use the color blue in order to identify in a graphic the glyphs or seals)
Yellow race : Represents south.

Every race, due to its location and color has a unique energy the defines their qualities :
Red race : initiators, actives, willful
White race : refiners, calm, observant
Black (blue) race : transformative, transgressive, patient
Yellow race : madurative, dynamic, organizer

These aspects are widely explained in several pages of the net and in books, for this reason I will not add much more . Moreover, the contact with the seal, painting and feeling is the best ways to learn their essence.

At the same time, the 20 solar tribes are compounded by 5 families that had their own function according to their vibration.
Please go back to the graphic of the previous step ( solar seals ) and watch : the dragon is number one, represented by one dot ; the wind , two, or two dots, and so on.

When we pay attention to the qualities of the numbers and consider them as part of a whole, we see that there are four seals with one dot ; four with two dots, four with three dots, four with four and four with a bar. The sun that has a shell or 0 and can be taken as four bars).

1 dot code : cardinal family /// function : returning to the origin of the knowledge.
2 dot code : Central family /// function : who digs the tunnels, investigate.
3 dot code : Signal family //// function : Reveals misteries.
4 dot code : family //// function : Open the arcades
bar code : Polar family /// function : Overtone the divine call.

The names of the families are not arbitrary. Discovering the seals and family, a lot of internal issues can be revealed and understand why we put in contact with the energies that we do. Decoding the energy, understanding and vibrating helps us to know ourselves and understanding more. As an onion, taking out one layer a time until reaching to the core. Our own essence.

They ask me how to use in the everyday life. To do it, our own seal and tone are to be decode very deeply. Understanding why are here with the energy that we assume. Simultaneously, understanding the reason for which we meet certain people; why, for example, a storm day is the way it is, what does that energy teach us. Play and sum up to the day’s energy and observe the result. It is always enjoying the numbers revealing the hidden codes that exists in our lives.

For example :

A day Blue Overtone Storm is : 19 (storm code) 5 (overtone tone)

Storm : auto generation, energy, catalyzes
Overtone : confers power to radiance, commands

Hence, it is a day to take command of our energy, give a direction to achieve the auto generation. The storm cleans. So, lets do an internal cleaning. Catalyze the information, transform (because it is a blue seal). In this day find new gates to opportunities without interfering with the reason.

Besides, for example, I am :

Yellow Spectral Star : 8 (star code) ; 11 (Spectral tone)

19 + 8= 27 (the total seals are 20 ; so : 27 - 20= 7)
5 + 11= 16 (the tones are 13 so : 16 - 13= 3)

+ =

Day Blue Overtone Storm + Yellow Spectral Star = Blue Electric Hand
4 (Hand Code) 3 (Electric Code)

For me it is a day to activate the service, to gather. I am writing this step (as an example) . To make a service for my own healing and knowledge, from taking command of my energy. Catalyzing the information and communicating.

A warmest embrace to all and I hope you find that playing is very profitable always; to break structures and enjoying what seals and tones say, the number that conforms the whole. We are in the beginning of this wonderful transit, be aware to what happens by chance, use the simultaneity of events. Enjoy and wonder of the simple.

Until next step.

In lak`ech
Estrella espectral Amarilla
Kin 128