Peldaños Recorridos del 1º Ciclo

Understanding the importance of recovering the natural cycles, we can get, little by little, into the radial Matrix, the Maya sacred Calendar, the Tzolkin.
(::See Tzolkin Graphic::)

In this step we will see more deeply the radial timing frequency 13:20.

What do we mean when we say that time is a frequency ?. A frequency is a vibration ; a vibration is wave Pulse. Our human holon has its own frequency, the wavespell ; cycle of 13 lunar tones located in our main 13 joints. This is easy to understand because we live it every day; the more you are conscious of it, the more you perceive the wave that yourself or people around you has.
The Tzolkin, or harmonic module (Harmonic refer to a cycle of 4, just like the cell seen in the previous stage) is a radial matrix containing 13 tones (matrix column) , 20 seals and 4 positions that permute in constant movement in a radial trajectory.
Looking at the Tzolkin, in the upper part, in horizontal direction, the 13 tones are displayed, or harmonic trajectories that, when are multiplied by the 20 seals in vertical direction, conform the 260 possible combination of the matrix.

The Tzolkin informs about the universal periodic frequency. The path begins in the 1st harmonic trajectory and its movement is vertical, following the graphic, in such way that, in the 1st harmonic trajectory, we enter through the dragon going out through the sun, to get into the 2nd harmonic trajectory through the dragon and so on.

The 260 combinations teach that there is a lunar solar cycle, based in the combination of the 13 lunar tones and the 20 solar seals.

Well, before getting on the Tzolkin, lets introduce the 20 solar tribes and the 13 lunar tones.

The 20 solar tribes or seals, inform about symbolic archetype, memory promoter, that have a feature, an action and a power. They are 20, representing the exhalation and inhalation cycle of our sun, binary function in every planetary orbit.
In the synchronic universe, everything happens when it must to, even our birth. Every day has it own energy, within cycles of cycles of constant movement ; a proposal, an essence as part of a whole. When we are born we assume the energy of that day, our position in the wavespell. To decode that energy and reach to the knowledge of our origin we have the solar seals that, later we will understand better, are numbers from 0-19 code and the qualities that they represent are very closely related to such numbers. Everything is number ; the Universe is number.

Complementary to the solar energy, male, there exists, yes, it does, the lunar energy, female, the 13 tones of creation. From now on, do not ever try to put out the female essence ; we must try to recover the moon that we were taken out when the dissynchronized solar calendar was established.

Just like understanding that we have 20 fingers (hands and feet) but think that the 13 joints do not exist or are in another place. We are a complete, with 13 females lunar tones and 20 male solar seals vibrating more and more in this beautiful planet.
(::See Solar Seals Graphics.::)
(::See tones in the body graphics and the table::)
(::See seals in hands and feets graphics::)

Study the graphics, understand every seal, not only by it action, power or feature, but what their shape says too ; look it up in books, draw, colour them, enjoy feeling the vibration of each seal, their color and shape: they transmit their essence. Do not remain in the comfort of the net and of the explanation. Move your energy, feel the tone of each day. Following the link : http : //, you can find out the seal and tone daily and draw it, colour it , feel it and live in synchronizity.

We are going on in synchronizity. Thanks for joining us, until next step.

In lakech (Yo soy otro tu)
Estrella Espectral amarilla
Kin 128