Peldaños Recorridos del 1º Ciclo
Step f

Entering the terminology and the base of the Galactic Maya legacy, in this stepping-stone we will understand the numeric base used by them.

Unfortunately, in the "normality" we live in, we are taught math based on the ten, decimal mathematics.

Modern science, based on these mathematics has managed, for example, to calculate quite exactly the orbit of Venus using very complex apparatus ...although it is worth noting that the Maya with their simple mathematics, the vigesimal system, calculated the same orbit more accurately around 1500 years ago without using our "great technology".

What are the Mayan mathematics based on?

The numerical system is very simple: a code of points and bars, the

Galactic notation 0-19


The Maya created the zero.
They used and taught us how to use vigesimal mathematics, in other words based in 20, where 20 = 0 and represented a whole.
If we synchronize what we have said in Stepping-stone 0 and we look at ourselves we will realize something marvelous with a simple example:

When we are asked, how many fingers do we have? The first thing that comes into our minds is 10, 10 in our hands and 10 in our feet. We divide ourselves, we fragment ourselves. If we consider ourselves as ONE and we apply in us the base of galactic mathematics, we have 20 fingers (hands and feet), we are a whole, a Human Holon.

Before reading this, had you been aware of something so close to you and so important?

Why this development? To understand and make us conscious as we travel through the stepping-stones that the Universe follows the same rules and is based on the same mathematics, natural, galactic, holonomic.

Our planet is also a whole, the planetary Holon, an icosaedric figure (20 sides).

Something else to note of great importance is that when we use the 20 as a base, everything has another Dimension, it is Fractal and it has to do with the qualities and the essence of each element. When we see ourselves as a whole, our Holon, summarizes the same qualities of a bigger Holon.

Simplifying, our body (Human Holon) contains the same qualities that our planet (Planetary Holon) in a smaller scale or a bigger scale all keeps the same qualities and essence.

From 0 to 19, (remember that 20 = 0) each number takes a profound importance and a quality forming part of the whole.

Using the Mayan galactic mathematic, we start to find incredibly beautiful relations.

It is fundamental to be aware that now we begin talking about cycles over cycles as small and big gears that we will be learning how to synchronize.

Cycles of :

Four :Is the number of form, even modern science says that in order for there to be a body the four is basic. It is a cycle and it is denominated Cell. Four are the colors of the cell and they always follow the same chromatic (color) relation: Red-White-Blue-Yellow

Five : Is a 4+1, the fundamental movement, the closest explanation to us is also something simple and wonderful. Imagine our hand with the index finger, the medium finger, the ring finger and the little finger without the thumb...uhhhh we could not grab things or squeeze them. Our hand would not be able to do all the things it does. The fifth finger, the thumb, is the one that completes and gives movement to the other four, it is the Plus One. That is why the fifth element is called Overtoned, where the chromatic starts with one color and ends with the same. For example, the Red Chromatic starts with Red-White-Blue-Yellow-Red.

Seven :The marvelous mystic number, the Resonance with the Universe, the hinge of the Wavespell. The 7 kin week.

Thirteen :The movement of the crystal, the 12. An easy example is the 12 apostles +1, Jesus. The number that has been defamed by religion for being the number of universal movement and generator. It represents the 13 tones of Creation, the 13 main joints in our body. 13 tones that make the Wavespell.

There are more cycles, intermediate to the ones mentioned and bigger. But what do you say if we start playing with these ones?

4 weeks of 7 days = 28

28 days per Tone or Moon (that is how we call the cycles of 28 days known in the Gregorian calendar as a month) in 13 moons = 364 days

364 days plus 1 = a solar year.
The plus one day, which gives movement to the 364 previous days, is called the Green Day or Day Out of Time, it is a day of Galactic Synchronization, where through meditation, we empty ourselves of the traveled path to enter a new cycle or trip of the Wavespell.

In these cycle of 13 Moons of 28 perfect days each, we have 73 exact cycles of 5 kin each, the so called Overtoned Chromatics which are:

Red Chromatic: Prophecy purification  
White Chromatic: Atemporal meditation
Blue Chromatic: Abundance Self generation
Yellow Chromatic: Blossoming Art

If you analyze, compare, play and enjoy, you will understand that the galactic legacy of the unit of time, the Wavespell, is perfect and synchronized. There is no need to add leap years, there are no irregularities with months that are named after Roman emperors, or calling September which means 7 and is month 9, or December that means 10 and is month 12...neither they left us a machine in our wrists to mechanize us. Is the sun always in the middle of the sky when the clock strikes 12? Then, is it natural?

Every moment it becomes more evident that harmony and synchronization are given by the true conception of radial time and it becomes more evident how indispensable it is to eliminate the Gregorian calendar and install the 13 Moon Synchrometer of 28 perfect kin each.

I believe it is time to become aware and understand that it is awesome to be a human Holon walking in this marvelous world  in this world which is a planetary Holon, in this solar system as part of a whole. It is the moment to make our Holon resonate with the Holon of our planet and sing each Kin, each cell, each overtoned chromatic in each Wavespell assuming our role of nature and love.

Buluk Lamat
Kin 128